50 Shades Of Teachers & Labs

Now that you guys know about our amazing school it’s time to introduce our mind blowing teachers. Our teachers loved us soo much that they always reminded us that they didn’t care whether we passed or failed our exams because they didn’t need to “prove” themselves. Honestly I don’t even think our teachers knew we existed. For the longest time we were just invisible people whose names changed according to the teachers mood. Our teachers were also the least partial teachers of all land. They had no idea that equality was a real thing. 

They were apparently also great at teaching,according to our principal,who also taught us but if that were true we wouldn’t be doing this. Their definition of teaching was reading what’s given in the book. They never really understood that they actually had to explain stuff and that our parents paid them to do that. 

A few of our teachers had an irritating habit of referring to us by our last names. Now this I never understood. Why not just call us our names? There’s a reason why our parents named us. One of our teachers also took out time from her busy schedule to list to us the amount of money the school spent to provide us with basic necessities like water and electricity. Didn’t our parents already pay for all the expenses? How did the school spend any of its own money? She constantly asked us to turn off the lights to save electricity and study in the dark.

We also had teachers who gave us lectures on how to get away with murder. It was probably the most useful lecture of all time. That lady knew what she was talking about which was a bit disturbing but then she bought us cakes the next day and nobody cared about the murder thing. Our sports teachers were also out of this world. According to them sports was equivalent to basketball. People who didn’t play basketball could run around the whole school as long as they had a ball in their hand but if you arrived even two minutes late for the class you were in big trouble. Apparently we had to be punctual to watch a bunch of sweaty people run around.

Now for the world renowned laboratories in our school. So basically our science lab was one big room divided into three parts for physics, chemistry and biology. It was used for everything other than science. To give an example it was used as a storage area for costumes during our concert. Every year in the beginning we were assured that we would get to use the labs  but that time never came. Finally in 10th grade we thought we would get to use it because it was our last year in school and we did get to use it but that was just because our final marks counted on it. We didn’t even get to perform any experiments. Our teacher didn’t even know what she was doing. This is basically all we’ve got to say about our labs. We went there a very few times but the memories are etched forever.

Honestly I think our teachers hated us more because they couldn’t bear to see us smiling or being even remotely happy. Though not all our teachers were bad. Some of them actually knew what they were doing but I have no idea why they’re stuck up in that place. All I can say to them is best of luck. As for the labs not even God can convince the school to use it to teach science instead of using it as makeup rooms.

(Ps. The reference to the book in the title has nothing to do with our teachers or labs. It’s just a nice name.)


The Fault in our School

This is our new blog where we will be talking about the tortures we faced at a mere age of fifteen. Of course , a private school….

Hi guys. This is our new blog where we will be talking about the tortures we faced at a mere age of fifteen. We will be venting our frustrations that we’ve kept within us till date despite living in a democratic country. We won’t be disclosing the name of the school because we don’t wanna go to jail and we got no money.

The first requirement in school is a friend as crazy as our self. Incidentally, we had a mutual hatred for our school which brought us together, resulting in this blog.

We went to a school ranked top 5 in the state, most probably ranked by itself. Our school had state of the art infrastructure, the best teaching facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities to choose from.  This is the school we wanted to go to, and now for the school we ended up going to. We ended up entering the trap, lured by the bait of the huge pencils shown on the website. Reality is where five turns into one and dreams are shattered. We had separate labs for physics, chemistry, biology and computer, none of which we ever saw. Also the labs were cross dressed as makeup rooms for our school concert. Apparently our school had a swimming pool, a football field, a lawn tennis court, an amphitheater and auditoriums. This we found out after reading the website.

Our auditorium, aka, the examination hall had a capacity of just 150 students, into which they managed to squish more than 400. Our principal used to remind us of the cost price of all the equipment in the room more than we used it. The ACs were installed during the time of the school concert. That was it. Half of the concert was spent in explaining to the parents how the fees paid by them were wisely utilized for productive things, like ACs. At the end of the concert, the room was so cold that, two parents had pneumonia, three parents had hypothermia and we could see penguins migrating from the Arctic.